SwissLas RGB-10.0 - module set

Product no.: SwissLas_RGB_10
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Delivery weight: 3 kg

SwissLas RGB module set including driver board with a guaranteed output power of 10'000mW and a typical output power of 11'000mW. For integration into own and/or customized show laser systems.

This RGB module set is a Swiss made quality product with following specifications:

Red: >2'400mW / 638nm

Green: >2'000mW / 520mW

Blue: >5'600mW / 450nm

Total Power typical: 10'000mW
Guaranteed power at aperture: 11'000mW
Power Red: >2'400mW / 638nm
Power Green: >2'000mW / 520nm
Power Blue: >5'600mW / 450nm
Beam Specifications: 4x4mm / ca. 1.0mrad (average)
Laser Sources: Diode
Beam height 28mm
Warm up time 2 min
Modulation 100 (kHz, analogue)
Power stability 3% (rms, over 4 hours)
Operating temperature 10-45°C
Accessories: incl. SwissLas High End Driver
Power Supply: +/- 24V DC
Weight: 3.0 kg
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