Lasershow Beamshow "DJ Quicksilver - Arabesc"

Lasershow Beamshow "DJ Quicksilver - Arabesc"

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Laser shows use laser light for entertainment purposes to gather emotions. With this beam show laser beams are projected into the audience to provoke the feeling of standing inside the laser light. Let your audience become part of the show!

HB-Laser created this professional programmed beam show for the laser show software Pangolin LD 2000. The show is designed especially for the song "Arabesc" by DJ Quicksilver (the song is not included).
Just start the timeline based laser show and it runs automatically for the rest of the time. No additional service is needed. There´s no easier way to impress your audience with such a great visual impact!

This laser beam show can be used for many different events, purposes and venues:

  • Nightclub
  • Amusement park
  • Product presentation
  • Wedding
  • Advertising
  • Sports festival
  • Company event
  • Birthday party
  • Anniversary
  • Opening
  • Art show
  • Ceremony
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • and many more

This laser show works best with fog and haze. It can be used with one or two scanning systems.
Order today and you´ll get this show via download code or E-Mail.

IMPORTANT: Please inform us about your Pangolin Board Serial number! This show will be activated just for your individual board number.


Software needed: Pangolin LD 2000
Number of scanners: 1 or 2
Length: 5:02 min
Suitable for this song: "Arabesc" by DJ Quicksilver
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