HB-Laser LightCube 871 HighEnd RGCB 15.0 - OPSL, CT6215

HB-Laser LightCube 871 HighEnd RGCB 15.0 - OPSL, CT6215

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The LightCube HighEnd Series has been developed as tough housing concept for rough mobile-use and fixed-installations for all kinds of applications. 

This unit is a RGB whitelight laser light system with red, green and blue Coherent Taipan OPSL sources and a blue Diode laser source. It has great beam specifications and a very linear color fading behavior. 
The high end CT-6215 scanners with the Apollo Professional scanner driver are used as scanning systems for great graphics projection quality and accurate beam positioning.
The housing has a special shock-absorbing technology to avoid misalignment of the laser during transport or under heavy conditions.
The whole system has an external, active cooling with temperature control, but is of course dust-proof built to reduce maintenance requirements to a minimum.
At the back-panel there are trim pots for balancing the laser sources per color and to adjust the size and position of the scanned image. As the LightCube 871 comes with a built-in Safety Zone Management System, these settings can also be made at the back panel.

The LightCube 871 HighEnd Series was especially designed for super-silent operation to even fit the requirements of cinemas or planetariums. The housing is very durable and has a very efficient temperature management system to keep the laser sources at the correct operating temperature. 

Housing made of black anodized 6 mm thick aluminum and with a stainless-steel cover. 

Unit ran about 800 hours

Only 2 units left!


Total Power typical: 15'000mW
Guaranteed power: 12'500mW
Power Red: 2'500mW / 639nm OPSL
Power Green: 5'000mW / 530nm OPSL
Power Cyan: 2'000mW / 460nm OPSL
Power Blue: 800mW / 450nm Diode
Beam Specifications (full angle): ca. 5mm/<0.6mrad
Laser Sources: Coherent OPSL Taipan, Diode
Laser Class: 4
Operation Modes: ILDA
Scanner: CT-6215 (Apollo Professional) at 60kpps@7°, 5mm aperture
Scan Angle max.: 80°
Accessories: Interlock connector, Manual
Power Supply: 90 - 240V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: <1'000W
Dimensions: 752 x 453 x 380 mm (w x d x h)
Weight: 79 kg


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